President Museveni hosts Algerian Special Envoy and discuss cooperation

Tue, 06/28/2022

On 17 June 2022, PresidentYoweri Kaguta Museveni held discussions with the Algerian Special Envoy, H.ERamtane Lamamra in Rwakitura. The envoy is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs.The meeting was attended by the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda,Hon. John Mulimba and the two amabassadors in the two respective capitals.

H.E Lamamra broughta special message and fraternal warm greetings from the President of Algeria,H.E Abdelmadjid Tebboune. They discussed bilateral cooperation between the twocountries in the fields of Trade, Agriculture and Security, among others. H.EMuseveni lobbied the Algerians to come and invest in Uganda especially inAgricultural value additional. He also asked Algeria to stop importing milkfrom Europe and buy it from Uganda.

H.E Musevenicommended Algeria for being on the right side of the liberation struggle andpromised they will continue being good allies. H.E Lamamra extended aninvitation from H.E Tebboune to President Museveni to attend the 60th Algerian IndependenceAnniversary on July 5, 2022 where Ten African leaders have been invited. Healso expressed need for the two countries to do more on bilateral cooperationand increase on trade and reiterated that Algeria would continue to give Ugandanscholarships for both civilians and military to exchange experience.